Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ginger the adorable blob

Ginger is sleeping.

Thankfully, while she is still in the "blob phase" (affectionate term for the first four-to-six weeks, before babies smile or otherwise acknowledge our existence for anything other than food/diapers/burbing) she is not likely to roll out of the rocking chair I laid her down in.

Being a responsible new mom, I placed the soft dog bed and a blanket next to the chair -- just in case!

About the blob phase: I find it rather cute. She is needy, yes, but I seem to suddenly LIKE needy. Ross has returned to work (after two weeks of Ginger) and I am mostly on my own while he is gone, say, from noon to 6pm or later. On my own might include an outing with another mom, or a visit by baby-wanting friends, so I have support and even extra hands. But while I'm in the house, in between visits, we are alone.

Which means that if I don't bathe before Ross leaves the house, I have to time my quick-fast personal hygiene regimen around Ginger's feedings and nappings. As of this week, she is not likely to fall asleep unless she is attached to my body. Which is cute... but challenging, especially if I want to do the dishes, fold the laundry (again, Mom, THANK YOU for the washer and drier!), answer the phone that is across the room, etc. Ginger has gotten wise to the trick of allowing her to fall asleep and then setting her down. She can tell the difference between my body heat and the bed/bassinet/etc. But if I wait long enough (patience, I'm still learning patience) she's zonked enough to be set down. Carefully. With just the right amount of blanket and pressure.

But really, she remains a blob. A very cute blob. But a blob none-the-less.
About the Blob:
--The blob wants to eat.
--She needs to be burped at least in between boobs, but often during a boob.
--Feedings usually start at one boob and move to the other.
In a very un-bloblike manner, she gets too excited during most feedings and pops off the nipple, bounces her head around like she can't find the nipple again (even though it's poking her cheek or popping in and out of her perfect leetle mouth), and screws her face up to squawk her frustration. I have learned that Ginger needs to be pulled away from the boob, possibly she needs to burp, or simply she needs to reboot. So I get her up to my shoulder, pat with seriousness, and re-align her. Feeding commences, Blob returns.
--An effective feeding reduces her to a drunken, very blob like mush.
--Before the "milk drunk" hits, she might release the nipple, coo a bit and even place her upper arm on top of the boob, as if she is preparing to rest her weary head on her arm. A deep sigh and a lazy smile would go well with this pose.

Did you know that when a newborn nurses/hits the bottle, her body immediately gets to work on a bowel movement?

Yup. Which means changing a diaper right before a feeding is less than efficient or cost-effective.

Newborn bellies can't expand (and by belly I mean stomachs) and they can only hold about tablespoon of milk. So as new volume is added, the body begins the rather complex (this is a new born, remember) process of pooping: pushing AND relaxing! All this takes place while drinking and breathing, all new to a newborn.

Some babies find the process to be challenging, scary and or painful. This will pass... but feedings in the early weeks can be challenging.

Thus far, feedings have been pleasant, entertaining, and only in the middle of the night are they ever annoying.

'Course when I wake up at dawn and my boobs are hard, leaking and feel like needles are coming out of the nipples, feeding her is anything BUT annoying. It is a huge relief.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ginger is a star

We have a mellow, sweet-smelling, energetic little girl on our hands. She likes to sleep (even at night), loves ceiling fans and squawks when she tires of whatever view we have pointed her at. And she lets us know exactly when she wants the boob. Which is a often.

She is also a star of pretty much a daily photo shoot. I have sent this link out to friends and family (it will be friends-of-family safe, where this blog rarely is). I'll upload photos to it, while not daily, certainly frequently.

And I'll be back in action on the blog starting this week.

The two week mandatory chill period is nearly over! I've only cheated a few times: Saturday afternoon we three went to a BBQ/B-Day party for Michael and were happily surrounded by five young families. Baby Nikko, Tullulah and Ari were all there (recall the pregnants? We are all moms now, and many of us were in attendance.) Giacamo (six years old this week) arrived later as well, with his lovely 'rents.

Needless to say, Ginger was a hit. My friends all repeating ad infinitum how much Ginger looks like Ross. (Later that night, Ross made sure I wasn't upset by the constant comments about her having his nose, mouth, cheeks. I assured him I couldn't be happier with how she came out.)

Speaking of coming out: there will eventually be more info on the blog about the birth, the decision to go to hospital, the drive home, the healing process, etc. I want to make sure to not only record what this amazing but somehow familiar experience has been like, but to provide some of the less-discussed details of the aftermath of birth.

Because I experienced pregnancy with a close group of like-minded and not at all shy friends, I was able to ask each brand-new mom very direct questions about her experience, regrets, memories soon after giving birth. I benefited greatly. And I'd like other preggos to benefit from my (and our) experiences as well.

Also, I can't help myself! I don't call myself "Too-Much-Information Girl" for nothing. It's like my super power... to tell you way more than you wanted to know -- but to keep you coming back for more. Or at least checking back occasionally to see if I've cleaned up my act or am still intent on curling the toes of

Of course, there will be loads of "oh my god, Ginger projectile vomited today and it was SO cute!" posts as well. And photos of Ross and Ginger being cute. I am a new mom, after all, armed with a digital camera and a relatively fast dsl connection.

As you can see below (That's Fanny, having freshly delivering food to the hungry new 'rents, we allowed her to hold Ginger. Who could tell she is not currently planning to procreate, and did not approve!), we like torturing the baby. Passing her around to friends is one form of torture that we like. More on this later.