Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In case you were wondering, yes my body is ready for another one

Back in week six or so after Ginger's birth, I noticed that something more than spotting was darkening my, um, door. (After a vaginal birth women "bleed" heavily and then spot for weeks if not months. There's a whole range of amounts and colors and in what order, etc. You can learn more here.)

Yeah, this was less like spotting and more like, wait, what were they called, um, something about a towel? Oh, no, I remember now. It was my period. I was on the freakin' rag!

See, but, as a breast feeding mama, I should not have had a period for months, if not a year or so. But there it was, a nice, healthy flow. Not too different that the predictable periods I have had since my late teens (early teenage periods were not so predictable. Nor were they nice.) And yes, I did remember what to expect, even though it had been nearly a year since my last one (We conceived after a period in November, peed on a stick in December. That was 2008!) and it came and went with me hoping that I would be one of those breast feeding mamas who get one soon after a birth but then don't see more evidence of a reinstated menstrual cycle for many a moon.

Not so for me.

Just said goodbye to Auntie. She stuck around for her usual length of stay. Had no cramping, no mood swings, nothing out of the ordinary. Didn't even have to buy a new box tampons this time.

The downside: REALLY have to lock down birth control that is baby safe and baby proof. Also, I'll be buying tampons, or maybe those weird cloth pads that my hippie friends use, I mean they can't be any harder to deal with than breast pads and cloth diapers!

The upside: Thanks to the whole getting pregnant/having a child/breast feeding thing, I have boobs all month long! Not just for a few days a month, like B.G (Before Ginger.)

In other news: Ginger melted down in the car today after a wonderful hike with Spider, Ross and myself on which we busted out the awesome Ergo Baby Carrier that my equally awesome sister gave us. So that part was great!

But, being in a small, enclosed space (like my car) with a nearly three month old who is totally not going to be calmed by anything (no me, not my finger, not the pacifier, not a bumpy road, not car lights, not freeway driving) was not at all is not easy.

Ross did a great job driving us home. I did a great job of not jumping out of a moving vehicle.

Good thing she's such a cutie!


  1. I know that I am one of the hippie friends to whom you are referring. That said, DO NOT buy luna pads. They SUCK. Buy Luci's pads; they are great!

    Also, tampons suck. Get sea sponges instead. They are infinitely more comfy, and reusable. I know that sounds gross, but it really isn't. You just rinse them out, and then after you're done with your cycle, simmer them in white vinegar and water. They are the comfiest thing you'll ever put up there. I swears.

  2. thanks, lady, i will totally order these!