Sunday, December 21, 2008

I meant to write a post yesterday. And even though I sat on the couch, computer on lap or on coffee table all day, I simply couldn't be bothered. I'm not sure if I had my first day of morning/all day sickness and/or if the headache was one of those fancy first-through-second trimester headaches, but I felt kinda crappy all day.

So, after I caught up on the day's political intrigue and Hollywood gossip, made a visit to Io9 and a few other brainy blogs, I watched the tiny screen on my computer: the second half of Get Smart — cause the night before I couldn't be bothered to finish — an ep. of House, and way too many Terminators: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Mind-numbing Terminator didn't help my headache any and I realized at 4pm that instead of going to bikram yoga, I was going to spend the remainder of the afternoon on the couch, doing my best interpretation of a hangover Saturday.

While I did consume 1.5 glasses, maybe 2, of red wine the night before (from 9:30 pm to midnight, very well spaced out, thanks for asking) I didn't think such a small amount of red could set me up for a day of doing nothing. But then again, gotta adjust to my tiny passenger. And gotta take advantage of the lazy days while I still can.

At least that what all the baby books say. Cause, you know, life's about to end, etc.

Of interest yesterday: On the pregnant-lady hike with Kitty (who is 9 weeks, Lan couldn't make it who is I think 7 weeks in) Kitty shared a bit of reading material with me. She's learning about childbirth's social and legal evolution over the past century or so. She referenced the changes that occured at the beginning of the 20th Century when the medical community did their best to outlaw the work of midwives and such.

I'm thrilled that her research is taking her through the history of midwifery and all. While she might not ever feel that a home birth or a midwife is for her, it's inspiring to listen to a friend making such important discoveries. This is history that we might not have been aware of but sure as hell is about to affect us very personally.

To view list:
We have a date to view The Business of Being Born.
Ross and I will soon watch: BodySong:
All I know is that it kicks off with something like 30 births; consecutive squish and fluids and catching of noodle-like new borns. Oh joy! Ross wants to see it again, maybe for the soundtrack? Nah, I think it's for the blantant strangeness that is the reality of birth.

Mommy-to-be reading materials:
Fit Pregnancy (two winter issues).
yays: good stuff that can be applied throughout pregnancy. Conversational tone, not preachy, up-to-date info on teas withoug telling me that a cup of chamomile will lead to miscarriage, because that's just silly.
nays: I don't read most women's magazines because I very much dislike all the skinny models. I'm not super round or even out of shape, but I don't identify with a 5'10" lady with thighs that don't touch and when she's used to illustrate a story about, well, most things, I turn the page. Fit Pregnancy has lots of photos of pregnant women, BUT THEY'RE ALL PREGNANT MODELS. Which it totally baffling to me! I'm being told to expect to gain a minimum of 25 pounds, to get ready to feel like shit, want to vomit all the time, be constipated, develop hemorrhoids, etc. And the lovely ladies in this mag have model thin arms and legs, perfect skin and hair and are pretty much the same age. Where are the pregnant chicks in the late teens, 30s and 40s?

Personally, I'd like to see some chubby faces, thick arms and for the love of human-proportion readers, when you run an ad for a product that keeps our pants up after we get to big to button or even zip our favorites pair of jeans, use a lady that's weighs more than I did in week one of being preggars!

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