Thursday, August 13, 2009

EDD has come and gone

So, our estimated due date was Monday, August 10th.

I woke up a big groggy, and earlier than I would have liked and got my self fed, watered and slightly caffeinated, and headed into Berkeley to meet with the lady from the DCRP (Department of City and Regional Planning) and discuss registration for classes, deferral options and the like.

Why did I wait until my due date to talk to admissions? Because, frankly, I'm shocked that my will power, many "conversations" with the inhabitant of my belly, and all that intent didn't force an earlier birth. It would have fit into my schedule, I joke, for her to arrive in the last week of July. That's what we got ready for. That's when everyone started to call and check in. That would have been a safe time for her and a good time for me and my desire to start grad school on time. But, um. No, didn't happen.

As my lovely midwives, doula have been warning me all along, the baby decides when she's ready to come. And giving up the need to control the date of labor and the labor itself are essential lessons to get us through early days of motherhood.

Fine. I give. Ginger Crash is in charge. And I'm really OK with it. (Really, I've never felt this mellow. Hormones?)

Especially because after a chat my admissions-savior-gal, she offered to request a spring deferral! (She has seen two friends become moms this summer and in her words "You are not going to want to be in class in two weeks.) One of the deciders was the professor whose class I took in the spring. So I'm no stranger to her. She told me during the class that she thought I belonged in the department, so, that was a good sign.

Verdict: Approved!

I can start classes in the spring semester. Woo hoo! This means I get months to figure out baby, breast feeding, pumping, part-time working away from the house, etc.

This also means that I have no needs or expectations for her to emerge until she's ready.

Still, I'd really like to see what color eyes she's gonna have. Will they come out in the browns and therefore stay in the browns? Or will they come out in the steely blues and maybe be blue, green, hazel or brown?

And will she be bald? I was bald.

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