Saturday, August 1, 2009

The hunger

In these last weeks, I am supposed to gain one pound a week. She gains an ounce a day. This is harder than it sounds.

On a typical night I eat a night-time snack of cheese and meat, maybe some nuts or grain-y bread at 6. By nine I've had a meal. If the meal was small, I make a hamburger or two by midnight. If it's only one hamburger. I get up at 3 or 4 and have to eat: in the middle of the night I try to make it simple: 12 heaping tablespoons of yogurt. A quick brush of the teeth and back to bed. Mind you, this is me, naked, half asleep, eating out of the container, not washing up and nearly falling back up the stairs into bed.

Ross usually wakes up enough, or takes off his headphones and looks up from his musical tinkering to say, "Are you OK?"

"Haveta eat more food."

Last night I supplemented the yogurt with pumpernickel bread and double cream brie. A lot of crumbs to clean up this am.

First breakfast: two pieces of sprouted, multi-grain, high-protein bread soaked in a soup of two eggs and 1/2 cup of whole, unpasteurized, cream-top milk, cooked in coconut oil, heavily sprinkled with powered sugar (cause I am so not the 100% healthy pregnant woman, puhlease!)

Second breakfast/brunch: will have fruit and veggies. It might start with a banana, peanut butter smoothie...

I have days during which I am soooo sick of food. Must find other yummies to get me through breastfeeding!

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