Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I feel tingly

Ross is back at work. I am at home, dealing with health insurance stuff.

For instance:
We need to get me in for a non-stress test in order to legally go head with a home birth. We'll make sure her heart rate is good via a sono. My midwives listen each week with a fetal-scope, but this will be all fancy machines and technicians that make w. medicine types happy. (My understanding is that, as we approach the end of 41 weeks, we need to prove we're doing all we can, that baby and mommy are good, and if we have to transfer to hospital we want the midwives and mommy to be treated with respect by the staff.)

The first three calls I was told I couldn't make the appointment without an OB. It was fun to tell folks why I wasn't using an OB, and to (I was nice, I swear) tell them what I thought of their Brazil-like system. I got to point out that their office had worked with my midwives many times. And that when I called back later I'd likely be able to make the appointment.

During one call, I was asked what color the referal form was. I said white. WRONG ANSWER. If I had said yellow, they would have made the appointment. The midwives make copies of the forms. The copies are white. Which makes them obsolete -- over the phone.

Anyridiculousness: Got the appointment for Friday afternoon.

I put more money in my Health Savings Account (tax free, baby!). I've already spent more than this and last year's allowed amounts. But after the birth, we can work on getting reimbursed for my midwives (they will likely be considered out of network, so that's %50 AFTER the annual deductible.) Getting doula, birthing tub, acupuncture, etc. will be more of a challenge. But hey, I can educate the person on the other end of the line and be one more person who saves the insurance company money by working with midwives and a doula.

As I sit here (and have fun on facebook regarding induction and the health care "debate") the little lady is wildly active. My cervix sings each time she moves. I will hike withe dog soon. And later we'll hit the farmer's market. I think she'll be here soon... She's low (was at the zero position LAST Thursday) and I know my cervix has done more work since then (about 70% effaced, nearly 2 centimeters dilated).

I'm also waking up pretty darn "done" with being pregnant. By dawn I've peed four or five times, snored loud enough to drive Ross downstairs (he can't read with a pillow over his ears, he explained this morning), flipped from side to nearly back to side dozens of times, and become aware that another night has passed with just a tiny bit of disappointment: I expect labor to begin in the middle of the night...

So, here we go. Any day now.

But first, a hike.

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  1. "my cervix sings each times she moves." i love that line. Good luck, I will be sending sweet positive labor inducing vibes your way.