Wednesday, February 4, 2009

from me to yelp

(Here's what I posted on Yelp, which I usually loathe, but I saw that Awakenings Birth Services -- my midwives -- got a 1 star. Granted, all the other ratings are 5 stars, but still, it got my blood going.)

I am finally SO excited about my pregnancy.

I had a great interview with two of the lovely ladies of Awakenings and just yesterday had my first real deal appointment. It was informative, fun, joyous, serious and even silly (I can get silly when I'm excited). I am absolutely thrilled with not only with my decision to work with midwives and to aim for a home birth, but with my decision to work with Awakenings -- these are for sure the ladies for me and my partner.

My dear friend had an absolutely wonderful home birth with them last July, so I know how professional and competent they are and how well they handle births.

Now I know, from first-hand experience, how they treat a pregnant-for-the-first-time 35 year old woman. I'm new to pregnancy, but I edu-ma-cate the heck out of myself and the Awakenings midwives are not only patient with me when I get to talking, they are receptive when we get into territory that is new to them. Ie: I was talking up a preggo book I like and my midwife of the day asked to borrow it. She left me with a DVD in exchange!

It might seem silly that I'm excited about trading books and such... but their openness along with their demeanor, knowledge and experience have made me more than confident in my decision to invite Awakenings into my home and into ny life.

I am reassured that my exercise, nutrition plans, and my physical and emotional well being are in great hands. And I know that with their assistance I'll be able to navigate the insurance mess(?) and any visits to Western Medicine that I feel I need to take.

I'll surely post again to report on my birth experience

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