Sunday, February 8, 2009

one lady in washington state figured it out

There's a bill to protect the right of women to feed babies in public. Breastfeed. Washington State Rep. Tami Green is sponsoring a bill to ensure that nursing mothers have the right to breastfeed in public. Cause she thinks it's a good idea for babies to have access to the very best brain food nature makes. Milk from the tit!

Rep. Green has been backed by fellow Rep. Lynn Kessler, who fully supports the legislation and claims that those who think that women shouldn't be allowed to breastfeed in public because it's "obscene" need to "grow up."

On commentator adds an "STFU" which, yeah, I agree. Who the fuck is offended by this? And why the fuck do we care? I plan to feed my kid when my kid wants to be fed. Fuck all your fucked up inhibitions, bad mother issues, hatred of women/fear of women/your mother/your wife/yourself shit. And if I get ticketed or arrested, call me the poster child for the reality movement.

Course, I have to make it through the cracked/peeling/painful nipples first.

Read more about the Washington ladies: Seattle Times.

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