Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Registry, feed us, make her something nice, etc.

Below, behold invite and list o gifts, as requested:

Birthday, Belly and Day of the Dad and Solstice Party

Pic Nic/BBQ/Potluck
Sunday June 21, 2pm til 6 or so or whenever we're sick of it.
Miller-Knox Regional Park, Richmond
(rest of invite at bottom)

In response to folks' demands (and also owing to the fact that I am a gemini and have demands of my own, but am practicing the mom thing and am swapping out my own list in order to better prepare for the incoming little lady) below is a list of things we'd love to have before the baby gets here.

Remember, we mostly want to see you and your smiling face (and that of your friend/dog/kid). Please don't feel obligated to bring a gift! That said, we're happy to accept gifts of all sorts! Below is a registry (Target), a list of practical stuff we gotta have, fun stuff we'd be happy to have, and suggestions for folks who'd rather buy green, used etc.

Yes! We'd love it used, whatever it is. New is great too! Got a green option, go for it. Want to make something? Please do. Feel free to sign up to bring us food after the kid comes (just email me,, donate to a local charity or non-profit in our names (see below), burn us a CD or gift a clipping from your yard/garden/mother's garden.

But please, don't feel obligated to purchase anything. Do come, celebrate, bring something to share and something to grill (you don't even have to share if you don't want to!)

- jen and ross
Jen: 510 290 8399
Ross: 510 847 0288

(there is a long list that follows here not on registry, items found both at national websites and local retailers)

they deliver diapers, wipes, lots of other stuff

Little Raspberries
(used baby/kid stuff, new at discounts, owned by a local mom)
10400 San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito, CA 94530
(510) 526-5437

Crackerjacks: A green boutique
4 Glen Ave, Oakland, CA‎
(510) 654-884
(they carry oaklandish!!!)

Issues: mags, art books, zines

Pegasus: indie bookstore extraordinaire. We can order baby books. Buy used Kids books, etc.

Target (see registry) (for delivery of cloth diapers)

Order me and Ross some cupcakes! for the shower, before the birth, after the birth!

Feed Us!
Don't want to spend money and not feeling craft. Feed the hungry mom and tired dad. Let me know if you want to sign up to deliver food (home made, canned goods, Zachary's pizza, nothing yummy and healthy turned away!). We'll have a food czar on the case for the two weeks after baby comes. If you bring food, you can see baby! Jenloy at earthlink dot net


Natures Babycare: size 1
or maybe a week or a month-worth of a diaper service
--80 diapers a week is suggested for a newborn: about $20

BumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper
Wd'd happily try these!

Organic Cotton Cloth Diapers
We'll use these for diapers, spit up rags, wipe down rags, towels, changing pads when on the go, so, the more the merrier! Available at Target, most kids/baby stores.

Diaper Genie and diaper genie refills. Used at Little Raspberres in El Cerrito or on Craigslist.

the more natural, the better

Changing Pad
used changing pad and a cover: Little Raspberries


Cute Shoes
Ridiculously cute, totally unnecessary, moccasin-like shoes that she'll wear in a few months.
Sold at Raspberries in El Cerrito (summer sale)

Onesies or Tiny Cute Tops
(name the number)-pack from Target would be great, but so would a stack of used ones or just one fantasticly cute onesie from say:
--Lanesplitters (yes, they have a onsie)
--Issues (mag store off Piedmont)
--Does Blankspace carry a onesie ? if not a tiny cute shirt!
--21Grand tshirt (she'll grow into it! they're black!!!)

The Camo Shop or...
Something in camo (Ross's special request)
Classic jungle green, please, none of that contemporary desert warfare yellow, says Ross.
(Your promotional code is: camoshop Just enter the code when you check out to receive $10.00 off your order of $25 or more)

Buy a onesie from your favorite, independent FILL IN THE BLANK. We'd love it if our little lady is a billboard for a cool, fun, independent businesses. Props for local printing or design work too!

Totally plain would be great too. We can screen print and think of you.

Hats/Caps for newborns
Do you knit, sew, staple things together? she'll need some cute things to wear on her noogin. maybe you will make one?

Baby blankets

Something nice to touch, or crazy colorful and good for "tummy time" (see, we're getting the vocab down!) Store bought, home made, the more the merrier.

Got cool, colorful, not toxic items that will hypnotize baby? We'd love to have mobiles that hang from the ceiling (ie above crib/napping area) or shorter ones that we can hang above her chair (mounted on a bar, affixed to chair)

A baby book
see one that is cute? have a cool book you can alter so we can use it as a baby book? we want! got an hold photo album that wants to be filled? we will hit print and have physical photos to fill those pages.

Ikea toys
um, there are some cute toys at Ikea. Really:

there are 3 rats: black, white and grey = $2.99 each (Ross says we need the whole set)

and a blue octopus $4.99 to $5.99 (kinda like a pillow)

a pink hippo too $5.99

any stuffed toys that are soft and don't have swallowable parts will make napping more comfortable and waking up more fun/safe.

Ikea storage
colorful boxes or baskets (to be put on shelves, to hold clothes so no lid is necessary)
in red or blue

or this one!


Ergo Baby
With an infant insert, though we like the green or retro lining better than the vanilla colored lining.

and we'll use a sling(s) until she can hold up her head. a long strip of fabric does wonders. or: moby sling (see target registry)

BANANAS is a non-profit child care referral and support agency serving the diverse families in Northern Alameda County, California

Medical Students for Choice
The United States and Canada face a dangerous shortage of trained abortion providers. In 2000, 87% of the counties in the United States had no provider (1). The “graying” of current providers (57% of whom are over the age of 50 (7), violence that targets physicians, and restrictive legislation threaten to drive these numbers even lower. In addition, medical schools are simply not addressing the topic; most physicians are graduating with little more than circumstantial knowledge of abortion.

Planned Parenthood
This fantastic organization kept me educated, safe, smart, sexy since about my 19th birthday. Thanks to their great services, I am an exuberantly pregnant lady at 35, and will be almost ready to be a mom by 36. I donate annually.

Birthday, Belly and Day of the Dad and Solstice Party
Pic Nic/BBQ/Potluck
Sunday June 21, 2pm til 6 or so or whenever we're sick of it.
Miller-Knox Regional Park, Richmond

Jen (that's me) is 36 years old this week in June. She and Ross will also be 33 weeks pregnant. So, Ross is kinda a dad and Jen is kinda mom. Come bbq on the bay, swim at Keller Beach, hike with your dog in the hills, hit the kids' playground (bring a kid if you have one), bike on the paved trails, and play some lawn games.

We're still not sure about her name (though Ginger Crash seems to be sticking!), and I plan to bribe her with promises of horsies and cupcakes if she makes her appearance the last week of July, rather than stick to her EDD of Aug 10. Come play with us!

Miller Knox
A beautifully landscaped shoreline picnic area, a secluded cove with swimming beach, a fishing pier at a historic site a hilltop with excellent panoramic views of the north Bay Area and a model railroad museum - all these attractions are part of 307-acre Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline in Richmond.

To Reach The Park
From I-580 West in Richmond, exit at Canal Boulevard. Turn left at the light onto Canal. Turn right at the light onto W. Cutting Bl., then left at the stop sign onto Garrard Bl. Proceed through the auto tunnel; Garrard becomes Dornan Drive on the south side of the auto tunnel. The park entrance will be on the right less than 1/2 mile south of the tunnel.
you can google map it (etc) Miller Knox Park, Richmond, CA

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