Saturday, June 20, 2009

So, yeah, I snore a lot lately.

It's something I read about early on in the "ohmigawd I'm pregnant!?" stages. Snoring. Lots of ladies do it, a lot more and more loudly during different stages of pregnancy. At first we are more snotty (in the first trimester I woke up in the middle of the night to blow my nose, fill up a handkerchief, drink some water to take the edge of the killer, three-month thirst, fall back asleep) and later, well, when I'm out, I'm out. And I snore.

Lately, I wake myself up snoring. As I regain consciousness, I can hear the tail end of one last monster gurgling, choked monster noise, I realize my mouth is drive and my throat is sore, and I begin to cough and gasp for breath. Because I have been mouth breathing/snoring so long and so hard that my throat is so dry I can no longer effectively breath.

Sleep. Snore. Cough. Drink water. Get up and pee. Do it all again.

I've asked Ross to wake me up to make me stop snoring. He says it doesn't really bother him (something about the pitch) and then admits that it's pretty useless. I just go right back to it.

Today it hurts to swallow. Heh.

And yes, I can still sleep on my back.

In cute, hey, the baby is coming, new, the above onesie is from one of Ross's clients.

And Ross has taken a bookshelf and transformed it into a piece of baby furniture (my idea! This is my contribution to creativity: I make suggestions/demands.)

AND: I received an entire wardrobe from two lovelies in my birthing class: giraffes! stripes! bibs! Soooo cute. Must take more photos. Our little lady is already pretty outfitted with 0 to 3 months. And tomorrow is the shower.

Time to clean the corners, the dish-drain swamp-thing and maybe hang up some art. The family will be here after 3pm. Eep!

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