Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breast pads and other people's contractions

Back in the spring or maybe even winter when I told all my friends about the whole peeing on a stick and the (to be expected?) results, a few of my closest went out and immediately bought me wonderful goodies. Or gave me useful items. (You know who you are and you KNOW how much I appreciate it!).

Elka ordered me some breast pads, made by her friend, Lucy. They are called Honeysuckles and they are adorable. Elka took great care in describing my likes (and Ross's desire to veer well away from the all-pink, all-the-time palette that haunts many a tiny human female) and these are the two wondrous pads I get to sport here in a few weeks.

So, cute! Right? Yes.
So, I bought a pair for each of my pregnants.

Kate, who had her baby Ivy Cat a few weeks ago, reports that they are GREAT during the day. But are no match for the deluge that comes at night. So, Kate, Lan, Gitta and I will all have the occasional, cute, washable and totally functional breast pad. But we're destined to use the plain-jane or disposables like most normal ladies.

This one just kills me! I think I gave it to Lan. Not sure if it's the monkey butts or the mix of monkeys and pogo sticks that does it for me.

Speaking of the pregnants.
Kate, Jason and Ivy Cat are adorable and doing well. Kate blogs and Jason posts tons of photos and videos. We fans of the new family even got updates DURING labor via text and Facebook!

Lan, Michael and Nikko are a fully realized and human family. Nikko is about 10 days old. He has his very own Facebook page. He was born with the guidance of the very same midwives we use. "A lovely home birth" is how we describe it.

Gitta and I went for a hike today. I had to stop a few times to breath. She had to stop to allow the contractions to do their thing. She is one or two days past her EDD -- but I'm thinking she's going into labor within a few days.

Kitty posted on Facebook that the contractions are starting.

I'm not jealous. Or anything. Or competitive. But I do have to say, I'm not used to being "last" at anything. Grrr. Argh.

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