Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still snoring

I really don't have any complaints right now.

Except that I'm snoring. And still snoring so hard, that it makes my throat sore. I woke myself up several times last night, with the snoring. And I had to get up at least twice to drink water to relieve my throat.

Also, by the time morning came, I had an icky coating in my mouth and on my throat that suggested I have once again, snored so hard that I'm making myself sick. Last week I had a horrible sore throat AND A COUGH. Part of that was recovering from the awesome four or five days of hosting family and friends. Most of that was snoring.

I mentioned to Ross this morning that I heard myself snore last night. His response:

"Sometimes, when I have the pillow wrapped around my head [to keep out the snoring!!!???] I can feel vibrations and I wonder what the hell is that? And then I remember, oh, yeah, Jen's snoring alot lately."

Me: Mortified silence. And then: laughter. "Gimme a glass of water. My throat hurts."

Photo: Me and Lan and Kitty at Kitty's shower at Kitty's bar.) Lan and I ate multiple hamburgers, cupcakes and pieces of chicken. We even signaled to the men who were hovering around the bbbq that the next round of meat was ours. Because, hey, have you seen this belly? So. Much. Meat. And a glass of wine. And more meat later. A Sol beer! Thanks for a great day, Kitty!

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