Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Suggested weight gain

OK, this photo is a few weeks old. But I don't think I've posted it yet. I THINK, this is from the night Ross and I went to dinner for my birthday, so that's about 3 weeks ago. Closer to 31 weeks than my current 3435 weeks.

Note: I still have definition in my legs! Thanks to all the hilly hikes I take with Spider and the pregnants. My arms, however, have long since given up the muscle tone. This week I've picked up my 10lb weight and am making my arms a bit sore with high reps, cause, c'mon! I need to have the strength to pick up the baby, baby gear (strollers aren't light when you're cheap like me.) And maybe even lug books to grad school (yes, I'm still imagining myself able to juggle new baby, recovery and my first semester at CAL for my masters in city planning. We'll see...

The last time I weighed myself, right around the time this photo was taken, I had gained 20lbs. Which was right on target.

I'm certainly not watching my weight: If I want it. I eat it. And I'm actually at a point where I eat way more than I want to, because I'm much more frequently hungry than I want to be.

Gone are the days when women were told NOT to gain too much weight, and even put on diets. Back in the day (one of the days that somehow informed much of what modern Obstetrics goes by) many a woman had a disfigured pelvis due to malnutrition and other hardships that most of the Western world's population had to deal with. The idea was that if a woman kept her weight gain down (ie: starved herself during pregnancy) she'd have a smaller baby and therefore more easily pass the baby through a disfigured pelvis.

Well, yeah. Gone, really are those days. Again, not dieting or worrying about weight gain during this whole process. I do, however, like to feel strong, even when I'm all tired and stuff. Hence the hikes and the occasional weight.

Here's what I"m supposed to gain... which seems about right. I'll put on three to five more pounds, depending on when she arrives. Sounds good to me. I think I'll have some ice cream to follow up my super eggy-french toast.

Do check out the below: I for sure have the extra poundage in my boobage (as you likely know!) AND how crazy is it to have gained POUNDS from the extra blood? Preggos make and store 50 percent of their blood volume. It makes us a bit bigger, heavier and shorter of breath. But hey, we're gonna bleed a bit in order to bring a new life outta our body(s), so the extra blood volume is very welcome.

Water weight gain: Yes, I can see and feel some slight swelling. My ankles still look like my ankles, but they are a bit bigger. Again, no complaints! Just an observation.

Pregnancy weight gain estimator

You should gain roughly 25-35 lbs. during your pregnancy.Over the last two trimesters you should gain about 4 lbs. every 4 weeks.
How it breaks down

If you gained the average of range above, this is where the weight would go (totals are rounded):
Uterus 2.39 lbs.
Breasts 1.0 lbs.
Blood 3.09 lbs.
Water 4.15 lbs.
Fat 8.27 lbs.
Subtotal 18.89 lbs.

Fetus 7.5 lbs.
Placenta 1.6 lbs.
Amniotic Fluid 1.97 lbs.
Subtotal 11.07 lbs.

Total 29.96 lbs.

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