Sunday, July 19, 2009

Preggo pants, my favorite and theirs

I sent a letter to my mother and sister, praising my new comfy pants. I hoped it would inspire at least one gift. It did! Thanks, mom! Also, both sis and mom had asked me what size pants I thought I'd be in maternity wear -- I plan to go the whole damn 38 to 42 weeks without a single pair of maternity pants. Seems like a big ol' waste of money when I don't need them!

"This is the kind of thing that all my preggo friends are rocking. They are great for later in the game, and great postpartum as well. At 35/36 weeks I am not so interested in belts or zippers (can't see the damn top buttons, anyway.) Currently, I only have one pair, and will likely go back for other colors. Or find another cheapy version (Old Navy, I think has something similar.)

"Anyway: Here they are. Target, Merona, pull-on cropped pants, with a fold down waist thing (like some yoga pants) perfect to cover the belly when wearing a pre-preggo shirt.

"These are SUPER soft. Comfy. Not nearly as short on me... they make a long version as well. I bought a medium which is still quite roomy (Mary, I don't imagine you'd ever need more than a small!) And it is mostly cotton, so I can always shrink it later after I'm not quite so round.

"Other than the lovely shirts you've given me (and mom's dresses) I haven't bought any "maternity" clothes. I have hit thrift stores and clothing swaps for larger, or stretchy skirts. I have had not much luck with pants (bought some too-big-pants early on, but grew out of them by month 6, which is when I really started to show), though, so now that I need them, these are great! Of course, my low-rider jeans still fit, so aside from the button feeling funny in my belly (yes, sometimes it digs in) I have had them and leggings as pants."

My wardrobe needs are much simpler than those of many women: I work from home and it's summer in Northern California. Lucky me!

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