Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ginger has allowed me on the computer!

Ginger is nearly six weeks old. The photo here (which makes me laugh!) is from a few weeks ago. She looks more human every day!

Life is very different now. My schedule is different. My body is different. My energy level as well. Life is fun and new and revolves around a squirmy, smiley, leaky little human. At least for now. While the world hasn't stopped turning, and being me hasn't gotten any less complicated, I'm grateful to the shitty economy and a lifetime of saving money and my wonderful partner because for the next many weeks, my world, my being Jen CAN revolve around Ginger. At least as much as I want it to.

Yes, I sound like a new mom "oh, my baby is beautiful, want to hold her?" and "Having a baby is like nothing else," and "If you don't have kids, you just can't understand!"

OK, I'm not actually saying that last statement, and I hope to never even suggest it.

In fact, I wanna try to convey to anybody who dares to read this here blog (Ross's dad agrees with friends' description of me as a sometimes too-much-information girl) just what the experience has been and is for me.

Let's see if Ginger lets me be at the computer for more than 15 minutes a day. Which, as it turns out, is enough to check my email, plan to read some of it later, stalk a few friends on Facebook and update my status. But so far, it's not enough to write a story for money (1 story in 15 days!) or do a daily blog post.

Oh, I hear Ginger now. Time for boob!

Or bouncing.

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