Sunday, October 18, 2009

So not true

All that stuff (see previous post) about the changing table quieting Ginger magically? No longer true.

As soon as I hit publish and that post went live I got into "get outta the house within the hour" mode. At, say, the 45 minute mark, Ginger got changed. On the changing table. Which should have calmed her and entertained her so that I could put on clothes for the outside world.

She wriggled and screamed (yes, screamed) and made things difficult. I dressed quickly but without any embarrassing mom-isms (clothes inside out, not fastened, boobs out, boobs leaking due to forgotten boob shield.) Only the shoulder perch position saved the day.

The umbrella stroller was not a winner either, but if I jiggled it and pushed it quickly over rocks she would fall back/stay asleep.

I wonder what new Ginger-isms week eight will bring.

(As I type this, Ross is on the kitchen floor, Ginger is in her bouncy chair and it's total call and response in there, with lots of giggles and happy grunts. Ginger is making cute noises as well.)

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