Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just why is that changing table so magic, anyway?

I have shared with you all a few of Ginger's needs. (See post below). As well as her newly vocal personality (I'm calling it squawking, but please know that there are many new sounds beyond the squawk. Some might say she cries. Or screams. Sometimes she even hyperventilates, but those times usually involve the car set. Let's avoid talking about that for now, shall we? Yes.)

For some reason, the changing table is this magic place of quiet, smiles, coos, laughter and even napping.


Well, she likes to have her diaper changed.

I know (and sorry to other moms and dads and nannies out there). But it's true. She likes the attention and the procedure as soon as we start removing the diaper. (By the way, I'm still mostly using Nature's Baby Care because they are disposable AND biodegradable and have the fewest blowouts of anything I've used.) From there, if the paper towels we wet are warm, she practically gurgles in enjoyment.

If I'm being lazy or it's the middle of the night and the warm water just won't come (I am still in drought mode, so it's hard for me to wait) the "wipes" are a bit cold. So she does her "throw off the scorpion" move (really called the Moro reflex) and then settles into the fun wiping part.

Until recently, Ginger enjoyed the changings more when they were done by Daddy Ross. I believe this is because he has a gentler hand and far more patience than I. He noticed before I did that any good wiping around her tiny bung hole not only would get Ginger's attention, but would coax a smile or a laugh out of her.

Not to be outdone by Ross, I have taken to blowing on her bottom.

Yup, in between commenting on how cute and strong and smart and pretty she is, and predicting what kind of a student (excellent) and artist (talented/famous) and soccer player (professional) she'll be, I blow her stuff dry.

She LOVES this.

And it saves on the paper towels, which are Seventh Generation or some other expensive and green option.

The changing table is also pressed up against the window (in what WAS my room or my office), so she gets a bit of sun warmth. As well, we've surrounded her with stuffed animals, and warm, colorful, soft blankets. A number of strange but colorful items are also above her within her range of site.

And of course, there is the ceiling fan.

A changing might start with squawking and squirming, but as long as we don't change her clothes, it includes smiles and wriggling in happiness and ends in five to 20 minutes of "activity time" during which Ginger stares at various cool things and makes lots of pre-language noises. Often it ends in a nap.

She's waking up early from a nap right now (in her bassinet) so it's time to move her to the changing table. That way, I can get more computer time. I wonder how long the changing table will continue to be magic?


  1. Ginger is such a mover and shaker when it comes to her likes, and dislikes. It's good to hear about your different strategies, and to remember that flexibility is, as with everything else, key when it comes to babies.

    She's too darn cute.

  2. thanks, lady. and yes, flexibility is a must. also, remembering they are cute, loveable, only occasionally stinky -- these things are also key.