Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lady Bug Ginger Crash Kennedy Loy meets Bruce Lee. And a bee, priate and jack-o-lantern

Today we celebrated the season with a Baby Zombie party. It was awesome. (In this photo are Kate and Ivy Cat)

Last night when Ross came home from work I hit the road and arrived at the fabric store 'round 8pm. Thanks to the 30 minute line, it was nearly 9 before I made my purchase.

I remembered how to sew. Stayed up 'til about 1am and finished off Ginger's first ever Halloween costume this morning.

Which is ridiculous. Because I drove to the fabric store the night before a costume party for a two month old! I happily spent hours on a costume she'll have no memory of, and quite possibly could hate. First I fixed a pair of Ross's pants (belt loop blowouts on a defective pair of work pants -- that have been blownout since I met him. Ross did not make any snide comments about "hey, wow, you have had this sewing machine since you were 18 and NOW I finally get to see you use it!" Ross is a nice guy. And a smart one at that.)

I was totally a mom last night! Look what I made!

And, I don't think she hated it.

At least not too much.

Did you get a good look at Bruce and the pirate? Here:


  1. how awesome!and bruce lee? - genius, i would have never thought of that for a baby. nice job momma.

  2. I made a Halloween lion costume for Sam when he was 2 months old. So, I can totally relate. I worked my ass off for that fucking thing even though he never remembered it. Although I did re-use it for a Viking costume when he was 3 years old (modified the jumpsuit into a furry vest, added a viking hat, ta-da!).

  3. yay for lion to viking! not sure what we can do w a ladybug later