Sunday, January 25, 2009

also, i am tired

(Isn't Ross's MMMMermaid yumm! I like to call her the fat mermaid, cause she is. And she's YUMMY. I wonder just how big my boobs will get?)

Tired: I slept in. Read in bed. Found the gumption to go to the Berkeley Bowl (the horror!). Ate some pokki salad and some Annies cheddar bunnies. (Yum! and Really? I bought those again? Damn these carb cravings!)

Took a nap with Spider on the couch. He yawned a bunch after the first hour and his breath was so bad it inspired me to go upstairs, masturbate and take another nap. Cause fuck yoga. I'm a tired pregnant lady!

Finally perked up with a half cup of coffee and a walk with the dog.

And now, the working, or the procrastinating. The spell checking. The ginger chews. Yum!

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