Sunday, January 25, 2009

eat for two, please and my lips are always dry in the morning

While I was in my car on the way to pick up Ross from his shop, I caught a snippet of an upcoming Health Dialogues radio program, "... we know a lot more than we used to ... start eating for two adults as soon as you know you're pregnant."

My ears pricked up, and I made a mental note: listen to this show! Cause the book my dear ol' mom gave me, that even she admitted is for the most part, extremely outdated, repeats again and again the need for women to NOT gain too much weight. To diet even.

It's written by a dude. For sure a much older man. There are dire warnings about "the weight you gain while you're pregnant may never come off" and he brings this topic up in just about every chapter, no matter what the subject matter. He did suggest eating for one and DRINKING for two, which my body for sure wants. The drinking for two, I mean. The water and tea and fruit juice. Yes.

I drink a bunch of water before bed. And I wake up at least twice to drink more. Yes, I pee once too... but it's the water I can't seem to get enough of. I pound it all day as well. Especially after a long hike or yoga. But still, pretty much every am my leetle lips are dry. So, I start the day with more water as well. And a pee. In and out. In and out.

Fat phobia: yes, me thinks.

Any-misogynist, happy to hear that I can eat MORE! Cause I am eating more.

To listen to: Health Dialogues:
Subjects are Kids Health, Breastfeeding, Hard to Reach Populations, Budget, In the Practice.

To read: More about genetic testing.

From BabyCenter (I finally signed up for it.)
"My Pregnancy This Week" -- 11 weeks baby. I have a 1.5 inch fig inside of me. Apparently, she's busy kicking and stretching. And someday soon, she'll be able to open and close her hands.

Unless she's a boy.

In the "quick links" section of the email I'm invited to read more about:
What cervical insufficiency means.

Dammit: insufficiency? Sheesh. Even better, now that I click though, the rest of the title of the piece is
(incompetent cervix). The below is from BabyCenter:

What does it mean to have cervical insufficiency?
If your cervix is softer and weaker than normal or is abnormally short to begin with, it may efface and dilate without contractions in the second or early third trimester as the weight of your growing baby puts increasing pressure on it. This condition — known as cervical insufficiency (sometimes called "incompetent cervix") — can result in second-trimester miscarriage; preterm premature rupture of the membranes (PPROM), in which your water breaks before you're full-term and before you're in labor; or preterm delivery (before 37 weeks). It particularly increases your risk for early preterm delivery, which means giving birth before 32 weeks."

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