Friday, January 9, 2009

itchy boobs, sunny wine and a cheese plates

And then there was sunshine!

Yay for the Bay Area. Today was the kind of day the inspires cute outfits, productivity and big fat smiles. A sunny Friday after days of wearing a down vest in my house and heading to yoga in order to escape to cold had me heading out to San Fran to shop and chat with my BFF, photographer Natalie.

Though I planned to BART the weather was just too nice, and because there was no traffic, I stayed on the freeway, sailed through the toll and parked at 16th and Valencia. (It was hard to take the left on Valencia instead of the right where I would have parked and headed into Zeitgeist for a cold beer in the backyard. Ah, summer, can't wait.)

I met up with Natalie at one of my favorite stores ever: Five and Diamond described by a fan as: "Wild West meets apocalypse meets the future in space meets the sexy rebel militia, a combination embodied by a pair of bloomers." I can't pull off a shoulder holster or a leather garter belt w/ leg holster, but I love that there are ladies that can.

Today: Massive sale. Special order gold spiral plugs. So cute.

Check out the awesomeness that is the mini tote they send home with your purchase! Love the color. I think I need plugs that color...

And Nat found a belt she liked, I snatched it up and even though she protested I gave her a happy birthday and got it for her. I have to go back for more 25 % off ear rings. Feeling selfish this week. And loving it.

After the five minute shopping spree (Nat and I know how to get in and out fast, perfected back in the day of the "ladies lunch/bar crawls") we nabbed a sidewalk table at Ti Couz. With the sun not quite beating down, cute stretchy, striped, sexy ladies at the next table and a just attentive enough wait-staff, we enjoyed some wine and a cheese plate. On-hold are the days of cocktails (yes multiple) but sipping on a glass of not-too-sweet white wine and debating my next cheese/fruit/bread bite satisfied any of my longings for drinking up a storm on a sunny day.

But lady, I ate a lot of cheese. This morning's dried fruit bonanza was all but neutralized. Prunes and dried apricots for dinner? Yes, cause I don't want no hemorrhoids.

Status: I think I'm just beginning my 9th week. Lima bean here you come!

Next week: My first midwives appointment/interview. And the following week I'll meet with a Certified Nurse Midwife who will hook me up with an OB for the big genetics test and 20 week sonogram.

Classic Complaints:
Boobs. Itch. And so does my tummy. I blame in on all the growing they're doing. And I remember having to leave class in college to rub lotion on my doubling A boobs when I was on the pill (that growth spurt really didn't last very long, not worth the stretch marks I got at 18) but this looks and feels different. More like a rash or hives. Oh joy. The yoga doesn't help the itch. But it sure helps the rest of me.

But no yoga today. Stupid Friday schedule.

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