Monday, January 19, 2009

time for a bra, and an ob appointment

My boobs are still making me and my man very happy. The tiny little cotton bra tops from American Apparal no longer can contain "the girls." When I wear the "small" that I have worn every day for 4 years, the bottom hem doesn't even come close to touching my rib cage. and the tri kinda top cuts across my massive bosoms in a way that suggests growing out of a training bra.

The medium and large size kinda work. Which is awesome. Cause, no longer small.

BUT: they just don't offer enough support. Walking quickly across the street means I'm wrapping one arm around my chest. This has never happened before. As a senior in HS I once ran, trapped, kicked and jumped my way through varsity soccer practice with no running bra, no bra, no support at all.

As my coach at the time said: "Bra, you don't need a bra. Get on the field!" Yelled loudly enough for the boy's football team to hear (nothing they didn't know already) in a thick Dutch accent, maybe while twirling his long, white mustache. Ah, Mr. Bamburger! (Not sure how to spell it!)

I think it's time for bra. A real bra. For a Woman. He he he.

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