Saturday, March 21, 2009

after class beer and coffee

Ah, being a student again is fun!

On Tuesday, I got to class in the nick of time — I much prefer riding my bike to BART, then biking up the hill to class, but during the rains I got out of the habit and have been driving in from Richmond. Which is fine, because no traffic at noon. And I know the secret streets on which to park. And lifting my bike onto my shoulder still feels fine, but soon, well, not so good, especially as I huff and puff up the stairs with it.

So, drive in. Have a great class (City Planning department). Meet with a Masters student who did a big ol' study on Mama Buzz, get some inside info about how to maybe get off the waiting list and into school, which, yay! And then I called up Ross to tell him about my day. Surprise, he was on Telegraph having a beer. So I pulled up a stool, set down my coffee (which was a double, and I totally didn't need it all right then anyway) and ordered a Stella.

Victor came in, I shock my boobs at him. And I left to move my car after beer number 1. I chose against going back to my stool, because I just don't do beer number 2 these days. And it felt like, well, I wanted beer number 2.

Home again, home again. Homework. Hike. Tuesday rocked! (I still feel guilty, however, about the coffee. I forgot my travel mug and had to get a to go — AND a lid! I'm evil, surely.)

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