Monday, March 9, 2009

some notes from my family

(Image: Ross is taking art to the LA Erotic Art Fair. He will be the only hetero artist there. He has asked me to "disappear" — humm, will having a pregnant assistant have a negative affect on his sales? I bet he busts out his leather pants and I'll make her he brings the leather vest along with.)

OK. I made it official today. Family responded.

From Tami:
"I hear you broke the news, so I can finally tell you how excited I am that you're having a baby girl!!! Congratulations, happy couple! Now you have to start a baby blog or something, so we can all know everything about pregnancy! ;-) xo, Tami"

He he he. You asked for it!

From my sis Mary:
"Names: How about Joss (Jen + Ross)
Ren (Ross + Jen), could spell it Wren"

Like joss whedon! yay! my dog and my kid can be named after kick ass characters. jeff would freak out. he he he. and ross knew a wonderful guy named wren from austin. he was talented and cute and popular with the ladies. and one year when ross went back to Austin wren was living with his boyfriend. "it just happened" said his friend.

From my mother, who you should know has named many animals "Baby:" Baby Goat, Baby Dog, Baby Girl Dog and so on. She also has 3.5 maltese dogs. The .5 is because one of them had a baby and she's not allowed to keep it.

"Talking about you: from Va to kids:

Hello human kids,

Today, Jen officially announced that she is pregnant and that they are expecting a girl. Now I am busy making a quilt. xo m

From: Mary Nasmyth
Sent: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 5:22 pm
Subject: Re: jen

Finally, you get to make a baby blanket for one of your own direct bloodline! And the last 10 years of looking at baby clothes will pay off!

Hooray Jen Junior?, Babiest Virginia? Teeney Tiny Virginia?

From Va to Mary:
Pretty cute names don't you think, let's see: Big Virginia, Little Virginia, Baby Virginia. Heck, I like Baby anything, let's suggest Baby Virginia and call her Baby. xo m
Yes, finally!

You know Jen, I do like the name Baby. Can you stand it if we are ridiculous and spend the next 5 months sending you baby names? xoxo m"

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