Monday, March 9, 2009

What my body IS doing

  • my pelvis feels different: tight and loose at the same time. forward motion feels tight, rounding motion feels loose.
  • my ears keep getting infected: the holes/stretches, but maybe that's cuz i rammed some new pretty posts in there that were a little too big. i felt all zingy that day though, so that was fun.
  • my nipples are getting bigger and browner!
  • my nipples are 100 % erect, all the time.
  • my nipples should really lose the barbells. (see above for erect and ear infection, things are connected).
  • i am loving the bullet feature right now.
  • the tiredness and thirst has all but gone away. the horniness is back.
  • ross is a lucky man. he agrees with me whenever i say this. ross is also a smart man.
  • i have more visible veins in my boobs and chest. ross reports that the one down the middle has been there since "the beginning."
  • nope, that was not the baby kicking, that was gas.

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