Saturday, March 21, 2009

the midwives taste good to spider

Spider loves the midwives. Sure, he barks when they are at the door, but he barks at everybody, except for Ross. Spider can hear his car a block away, he jumps up on the pillows by the window and pokes his head out between the curtains to watch Ross pull up and get out of his car. Then he looses his doggie mind, whining and barking and wriggling til I let him bolt out the door to (chase a cat, sniff and pee on a few things) run out to Ross. Somehow Spider does this with both his head and butt pointed at Ross, at least by the crucial last few feet. It's quite funny to watch.

So, midwives: Juli came this time. We get a visit every three weeks from the lovely ladies of Awakenings Birth Services. We talked about my labs: blood, urine, etc. They called after they got the urine results to tell me that my urine has/had an elevated level of the bacteria that can cause UTI's. And while I hadn't noticed any irritation (cause then I drink my weight in water and turn off the vibrator and the boy for a night/day), they educated me to the fact that during pregnancy, I might not feel the warning signs and end up with a full blown UTI. So, I've been taking cranberry pills along with my daily pre-natals.

As well, last visit, they suggested adding Omega-3's with fish oil — cause the little lady is growing a damn fine brain, and I can't likely eat enough fish or good cholesterol no matter how much low-mercury bites I take.

This week, Juli suggested starting the day and ending it with the cranberry pills.

The blood results: I'm O Positive, baby. But my iron is on the low side. The tincture/tea I'm drinking daily will help with that, but I'm gonna look for the right Iron supplement as well. Upon hearing that my iron is low, I recall that it's always been kinda low. Same with my mom.

Which brings me to veins and hemorrhaging. My mom nearly bled to death when she had my brother Spike (3rd kid) at home. But she also bled A LOT after I was born (1st kid). The midwife surmised that low iron can be associated with bleeding. AND with vericose veins. Which I don't want. Which my mom has. The nettle in my tea will also help prevent unhealthy veins.

This week: Pro-biotics. Vit C. Iron with something I can't remember right now.

My favorite thing said by the midwives: Jen, I know you're not clean and sober by a long shot, that's good. We might need to suggest that you drink some wine or whiskey if you get pre-labor contractions.

Yay! for my midwives.

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  1. So, seriously, how come I didn't know you were blogging?! Doesn't matter, I do now.

    Your midwives sound RAD.