Monday, March 9, 2009

no belly poses for my belly, which is kinda there now

I haven't been to yoga since I got that horrible hacking-up-of-chewables cough. I was down and out on the couch or in bed for only three days. But walking the dog, hiking up the stairs or even laughing at the millions of DVDs I watched in bed made the hacking return — for nearly three weeks. Oh, and talking on the phone was OUT, so I didn't make any money doing some of what I do during that time. And now yoga.

Til Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. (To the right and above: Fish instead of Cobra)

Friday almost killed me. My legs and pelvis hurt just thinking about the class and as I got dressed for it, I thought, nah, just call and cancel the mebership "I'm pregnant, and yeah. See you six months. Or nine months." But I stuffed my boobs into my yoga tank and headed to class.

My arms felt like they were going to fall off. Jeeze. But my temperature was good. And by the end of class I felt pretty darn great. Good enough to go back the next two days too!

But it was challenging: in large part because I hadn't been to class in more that two weeks and I hadn't really been exercising. But, also, new poses! My belly might not be sticking out like Lan's, but doing the Cobra to Bow series does seem a bit like infanticide. So, now: new, horrible poses that make me curse myself for giving up push-ups and how am I supposed to build muscles in my neck anyway?

(to the left above): Locust, only not on the ground.) In the second alteration, I'm no longer on my front, forcing my arms under my belly, palms down under my pelvic area. Which makes new folks want to die. But really feels nice an open if you keep at it. Off the ground, I realized that, yes, pushups are in order.

And then there's Bridge (last image: to right) and Circle, not pictured. Circle is awesome, only my arms are not!

Tonight: push-ups. Tomorrow, back to yoga!

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