Sunday, March 15, 2009

friday yoga, ah dizziness and euphoria

Yoga on Friday. Horray for bikram yoga, with it's 100+ degree rooms, no longer-free hand towels, stinky air and sticky carpet!

Really, though I do love it. And am so glad that I listen to my midwives (and my body!) and have continued to go. Of course, the hacking cough put a dent in the whole thing, but I'm back. And again, oof. Tough class.

Friday was the first time I got dizzy and couldn't kick it. For all of 10 minutes. I had enjoyed kicking my own ass during the standing series and was looking forward to getting to my alternative postures (I've always hated the damn neck and airway crushing standing separate leg head to knee.

Nowadays I get to do a fancy preggo version. But after a killer triangle I like to reward myself by sitting out a pose. At which time I daintily take my temperature (not usually because I think there's any kind of over-heating issue, but because it gives me a good reason to be down and out for a pose.) Then, I get up and do my version (photo above to the left, but with my front knee bent [harder than it sounds, ballance-wise] and with my hands clasped behind my back and pulled down straight behind my back/below my butt).

Friday, though, I kept trying to stand up, my face would get all red (not white, which is worse, or green, worse yet, jokes the teachers) and the dizzy would come. Down I'd go. I tired three times. Ah well, corpse pose called and I happily answers. The floor series went well. And I left all happy buzzing. So, I'll head back again for more serious sweating.

But I did wonder about the wisdom of afternoon coffee before yoga. OK. Skip the java before the hothouse yoga. Lesson learned!

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