Saturday, April 11, 2009

crash has ruined my skin, that little brat

I think it was Tuesday. My skin went on strike. And flaked off. From my chin, up both sides of my face, eventually pealing as far as my eyes.

This is new.

I blame it on being pregnant.

(oh, the photos: From an article on "Skin Etching Artist Explores Our Relationship With Our Bodies"

Here we have my first complaint! Goddamn flaking skin that no amount of lotion or oil or scrubbing can stop.

Back for Christmas, Ross gave me some fancy healthy lotion to slather on my soon-to-be massive breasts and my coming-soon belly. I happily applied morning, after hikes/yoga and night. Within a few days the skin in these areas had turned red, kinda hard and was kinda burning. And there were bumps. And there were a few pimples, just to make it even grosser.

So, there I was, with new my new boobs, wanting to show them off, wanting to talk about BOOBS how I had them, etc. But mostly I was just itching them.

Ross was slow to accept that the magic lotion could be the problem. So, having down time and zero work back in December and January, I pretended to remember anything at all from my many science projects and performed an experiment on my belly and boobs.

I applied one lotion to one side of my bod, and the magic lotion to the other. Redness continued under the magic, redness faded elsewhere.

We figured my newly hijacked body was being super sensitive — and that the new lotion was a no no. No real harm done. I went back to my old lotion. Which worked.

Until this week.

Old lotion on neck and chest: burning firey red skin = wash that shit off quick
Fancy natural face lotion that I have been using for years = lizard skin falling off my chin in sheets.

Wait at least 30 minutes after bathing before I put any lotion on.
Apply lavender or other OILS to my face at night, wash and apply less lotion during the day

Six days later, it's better. Wonder how my new skin will adapt to Mexican sun, sun block and salt water? Guess I better bring a hat too.

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