Saturday, April 11, 2009

ross felt ginger crash kennedy loy kicking

(No, that's prob'ly not her name. We still have to add another "first name" in there.)

Last night, sitting in bed, we were staring at The Belly. It's time for proper noun status. Though I can still hide it from my professors. But not from anyone who knows me. The Belly has become quite an entity this week. Most of my pants still fit, some summer skirts don't really work, but other than that, I can manage in last year's (and the last five years') wardrobe

We were staring at the belly. I was petting it a bit (not sure if this is really a natural thing or if I've seen so many preggo ladies do it that I feel like it's a natural thing and so do it. hmmm.) And Ross joined in. I was feeling some movement (not gas, pretty sure) and BOOM, up went my belly, right under his hand.

Gasps, chuckles, and a few cheesey other things followed.

Today when we chatted about regular end-of-day stuff on the phone, Ross asked: Did you feel her kicking today?" (Cue the "ahhhhs!")

Yup! Although that gurgling right now, might just be gas.

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