Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gas attack! oh wait, it's her!

Went to a lovely dinner last night at the familiar and, yes, yummy, Tuk Tuk Thai with (Ross's long-time Ohio) friends Steve, Deanna and Mr. Ross. Ordered some of the usual: papaya salad, coconut, chicken, lemongrass etc. soup, and a sizzling seafood (really, yes our usual if you add green tea ice cream to it) and we all shared these plus two curry dishes.

I'm a fan of curry. Had some sticky rice. Had a Singha beer (love the Thai beer with the Thai food!) and tons of regular ol' white rice.

Left in typical new-me fasion: "I'm pregnant, can't get drunk, want to eat it all so fuck it and if you get in my way I'll eat your head THAT LAST BITE OF SALAD IS MINE!" and added a bit of mint chocolate ice cream to the fullness when I got home.

Laid in bed. Farted a few times. Listened to Ross's stomach make terrible noises that matched my own (stomach's terrible noises). I was ordered downstairs so I couldn't hear more terrible bowel-related noises.

After more ice cream (cause I can!) I settled into bed for a movie.

And: BOOB! WACK! SWOOSH! The little lady gave me a kick or a punch or is swimming laps. Yup, I felt her. At first I wondered if it wasn't gas... but it felt different, my belly even moved under my hand! And yes, felt like someone tiny was in there and practicing her penalty kicks. Yay!

She's alive. I mean, we've seen her move on the sono screen (we did two sonos, don't plan to do any more) and the midwives have pointed out that my belly is growing just as it should be, but it was a bit disconcerting to be 21 weeks and still be uncertain about feeling movement.

Ah, sweet relief — I can still sleep, and she only kicks/punches a few times in a row. So, more yay!

(photo above: pinkish bear onesy from my mom. Ross likes the bear! He is waiting for the black or camo clothes.)

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