Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two strange things, mom don't read the second

Two strange things are happening.
1. all the photos I've posted lately, feature the same expression on my face. Strange, cause it's so normal. And peaceful. Not quite exploding with bliss, but, you know, glow-y. Many a photo for many a year had me doing many a face. Especially if I was featured alone in the frame. It was always much more of a performance thing. Now maybe that the preggo shots are documenting-things I'm toning it down. Ah, shit, say it ain't so. (So, here is a photo of the view from my daily hike. I love where I live!)

2. And the other thing. Horniness still a good friend of mine. Which means I can still nod in agreement anytime I hear "I Touch Myself" — but the execution of "me time" has altered a bit.

Maybe I thought I'd be taking life easy for the remainder of my childless life. Lounging with fresh-squeezed fruit juices (we got a juice for xmas), snacking on salmon and prenatal vitamins, leisurely pleasuring myself for hours a day.

Nope. I'm making sure to keep crazy busy. Taking on more work than I should, accepting admission to grad school, pushing for a internship with a planner to happen sooner than later, picking up odd jobs, and watching porn for a few minutes a day.

WATCHING. This has not been my usual, really ever. WATCHING is more of a group thing for me (best done in pairs, really). Whereas one-handed reads and flipping through the pages of a magazine are familiar activities and go hand-in-hand for me and my libido.

Masturbating does not seem like a chore. But I'm enjoying the quickies more than the other solo options.

Good thing there's many a disk to be had in this household. Have I mentioned how much I love my man lately? And more proof that we're a good match: we have similar taste in porn. At least enough to keep me satisfied. His tastes to veer further into, well, never mind.

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