Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ladies who hike together, get bigger together: introducing the pregnants

These are the ladies I hike with. Lan and Kitty are a few weeks ahead of me in the counting weeks of gestation game.

We've been hiking together darn near weekly for months. At first it was goofy, 'cause we'd excitedly talk about being preggers, being tired, taking naps, books we were reading and cute/scary things people would say to us — all discussion was centered on being pregnant. But we, back then, were all tiny little things, very not visibly pregnant.

As the weeks have progressed, we've:
--gotten more out of breath (50% more blood makes us breathe harder!)
--watched each others boobs grow (I'll never forget the first time I saw Kitty's boobs jiggle!)
--consumed more water
--discussed and deconstructed preggo myths that seem to aim to keep women on their backs and fearful of breaking a sweat for 9 months
--graduated to new hiking clothes: Lan was first to out-grow her regular duds
--altered our other-than-hiking exercises: Lan: no more contact/kicking/punching classes; Kitty: less pilates I think, Me: new poses to accommodate The Belly at bikram
--compared to-do, to-buy, to-deal-with-later-lists
--commented on body changes (from constipation to gas to movement to BOOBS -- but you knew that was coming, right?)
--compared nap schedules

We also have the occasional dinner with our menfolks. We have watched films together, traded book lists and watched the men drink.

We are called: "The Pregnants" (coined by Kitty's Brazilian Hublet Abel. Some things are not lost in translation, they just get cuter.


  1. I want to join the Pregnants! My preg gang still doesn't have a name...we're hanging tonight, so maybe we can come up with one. But seriously, I'd love to hike. I get winded walking to the store all the sudden, so I might have to crawl slowly behind ya'll, but still...

  2. hey, let's try to get all the preggos together. this might sound strange, but what about a wednesday night in may, kitty dj's at her bar. i will likely have a snack AND a glass of wine, cause that's the kinda pregnant that i am, but i'm sure we'll get hooked up w/ awesome mocktails... maybe wed the 13th?

    when are you due, also?