Saturday, April 4, 2009

ginger crash kennedy loy (?)'s first bikini

Tracy had a birthday. I ate as much mac n cheese as I could fit. Ross pretended that his blood pressure is that of a 19-year-old's and tried to keep up with me. Tracy looked great (see!) her son was awesome and crazy and boy-like. We gave her gifts. She gave me and Lan gifts.

I'm finding that my lady friends who have little boys are more excited than I am about the fact that I'm having a girl. Cause dress up (for them) can now begin. Behold, the cutest bikini I've ever seen.

Me: Yay! It's pink!
Ross: Whoa... it's pink.
My mom: That's adorable. How big is it?
Me: 3 months
Mom: (pause) The poor kid.
Ross: Hey, the ruffle goes all the way around the butt!
Me: Yay?

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  1. Ginger? GINGER!!!! Me loves. Also, I want to see you because I have an ice cream flavor you should try.