Thursday, May 28, 2009

And then there was happiness

Halle-friggin-lujah. The days-long frustration ended. It was for sure related to changes that I should expect and welcome and all that jazz. But as well, life, was, frustrating. For more than a minute. As life is likely to be. Mixing frustration with new hormones meant the dog's life was in danger. (See previous posts.)

But really, that is in the past. And spider is still alive. And cute as ever. Spider might even be cuter than ever, in fact, because Monday he demonstrated that he is fully over being afraid of/aggressive towards Charile (Nicole and Sanders' wonderful 7 year old.) At the annual Pt. Richmond massive yard sale extravaganza, Spider barked at a few folks, as per usual, but as soon as he saw Charlie, he headed right over and made with the nice. They hung out in town, and at home, while the boys bbq'd.

It was almost cute enough for me to rethink his upcoming operation. But really, really, he's not using his nuts. So he can live without them. Right?

Also, at said bbq, he was less than 100 percent accepting of baby Piper. Who really likes to crawl quickly towards him, and kinda screams in delight whenever she sees him, and is then crawling towards him. Spider barks, and eventually runs away. Which is good. Because we don't want him to eat/bite/scar the baby.

This week I've let myself sleep in til 10 twice(!), but consequently, missed out on a hike with the dog. Which I find compromises my mood a bit too much. Today, I was on the hill hike even before coffee. Then dishes, meatballs by Ross, and work. The hike, and a well-walked dog are integral to my mood-management. But then, this is nothing new.

Also, I downloaded a photo or two from a recent sushi date-night. And I'll be damned, but, hey, look at that, I'm still cute! Also good for mood-maintenance!

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