Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today is grr

So, this is hormones? Frustration way beyond what ordering a washer and dryer should cause. And WAY beyond what an afternoon cup of coffee should fuel. And later tears. And today the same: frustration. While on my hike! Glad I didn't kill the dog. It was tempting.

Then, as the GRRR coursed through my veins I recalled with our birthing class instructor mentioned at our a recent class: Gots to counter those stress/anger juices with some good old oxy.

"I want you to look down at your belly. Think about your baby. Rub your belly. Now, say aloud to your baby, "I love you." And yeah, she's right, flood of oxy-happy hormone.

"I want you to bathe your babies with love."

OK. Tried that, on the hike = flood, of near tears.

So, then I realized, indeed, this is, these are, hormones. What did not cure the grumpy, frustrated, angry, tired new me:
--a nap
--getting stuff done
--a hike
--ice cream
--friggin anything, nothing cured my ills

My neck hurts.

And Grr.

Welcome to the third trimester. Fuck.

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