Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthing pools and bellies - next week

I've been a bit busy since we got back from Mexico. I found out for certain that I got into UC Berkeley's Department of City and Regional Planning masters program. Which is RAD!!! And I'll deal with the date conflict later (EDD: August 10. Fist day of classes: August 24).

In preparation for the master's program, I enrolled in a graduate level planning class for the spring semester. Which is coming to an end, hence, term paper time! Which has been fun. And challenging and takes priority over writing about anything else.

But Ross and I have made time for baby/birthing films (gentle and water births of late) and Ross really wants us to get a birthing pool. Awakenings lists rental sources, which is awesome. And makes it easy.

I originally thought the tub would be enough, but Ross has informed me that he really wants to be able to get in with me, if/when I want him. Which is sweet (!) and forward thinking of him, really.

Part of me is worried about the expense and the inconvenience... you rent for two weeks before and two weeks after your EDD. We'd have it in the living room! Which is tiny. And we've yet to get the bikes out of it. Hmm, sounds like I need to prioritize a bit, yes?

Oh, wait, that's for next week! I finish my paper this week. And fully embrace the belly and all that comes with it (new couch? a friggin' TV? pool rental) after my deadline.

Please support me in my last weeks of absolute control over my priorities! Thank you.

Also, I have mentioned before that I have cleavage, behold:

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  1. You mentioned support and cleavage just a breatn apart...consider this your bra joke.