Sunday, May 31, 2009

This week in cravings

I am right now pounding a whole milk, peanut butter, banana, ice shake/smoothie. Yum! Happily settling into week 29, I am resting a tiny bit more, craving less fruit, less sweets and stuffing myself with protein and fat. Sometimes it's cause I'm craving it (like this here milky goodness) and sometimes it's just because.

I'm supposed to. Eat a TON of protein and fat and calcium-rich foods during this trimester. Tiny human is making bones right now. And she'll take all the calcium I've got. I'm happy to share with her, but I figure consuming calcium (in my leafy greens and mostly milk products) is a good idea.

Fats: well, we gotta have them. Me and the little lady. Lots of avocado, cheese, coconut oil rather than vegetable or olive oil. Lots of meats and cheeses. And chocolate, cause why not!

In this week's reading queue:
The Doula Advantage
The Vaccine Guide

After only a few dozen pages into The Doula Advantage, I was convinced that working with a doula is for me and Ross. This week I will begin to interview and get to know potential doulas. I want my, hopefully, at home birth experience to go as smoothly as possible. I want to work well with Ross without jeopardizing my ability to 100 percent rely on him. As well, I don't want to be in a freaking panic by the time the midwives arrive. And, I want an expert on hand to pamper, massage, feed, water, clean etc. me throughout. Yup, a doula is for me!

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