Saturday, May 16, 2009

Put the wand down, and walk away

So, I can sleep in these days, if I want. But I don't always want. Today, I shouldda. Couldda. Kinda did. Is this what it's like to be a lady of leisure? I always thought there would be more champagne.

Earlier this week (2nd trimester, remember), I was up at 7 am and on the hill hike by 8 or 9. Waking up with yogurt and banana, a cup of coffee and a hike was great! Back home for second breakfast with the boy by 10. But I over did the whole damn thing Wednesday, with a hike, office workday, writing AND a a social event.

The social event was great! Six pregnant ladies, a lot of mom-tails, a few partners/husbands, 1 sister, my glass of wine, Kate's beer, Ross's tequila and Kitty's bar (Kitty and husband Abel took turns DJing.) It was a gorgeous night. Boobs and bellies were out.

By the time I got home, I could barely keep my eyes open. And I had a mean, huge, pulsing blister on the bottom of my heel! So: tired, limping pregnant lady, barely able to climb the stairs. Oh joy.

And Thursday I was tired. I toned down the amount of office work, and had to stick to the flats for the hike.

Friday: baby sitting Piper from 10ish to 2ish was GREAT. And afterwards I napped for 2 hours. Two solid hours. (Piper is Nicole's little 9-month-old lady)

Today: My alarm went off at 7. I turned it off til 8. There may have been sex, I can't remember right now. Plans to hit the hill by 9 were scrapped in favor of more food. Back to bed by 11!

How many times can a pregnant lady masturbate before noon? Well, I have a pretty good idea. And the number seems to be rising. Along with my electricity bill...

Ross once asked me if I would always remember to leave enough sensitivity for him... ulp. Time to get to work. Or get out of the house.

I did write a story for work so far. Too. And I will hike, after 6, when it cools down (veins and dog will appreciate the wait), but I wonder, is this what boredom feels like? Kinda like, "Hmm, well, I guess I'll go masturbate." Guess I better enjoy it while I can.

This week: we make room for a crib. And a piano.


  1. Crib! It's so amazing how it's crib time already. It goes so fast. Enjoy the hike and the wand.

  2. The secret to the Life of Leisure is definitely lots and lots of getting off. This I have learned over the past few months...I mean, enjoy it now while there's not a baby in some kind of bassinet/bouncy chair/swing staring at you, right?!

  3. ah yes. today, time for the walk/hike. took care of the other earlier!