Sunday, May 3, 2009

Healthy as a horse, and well-fed (in vits)

When the midwives do their house visit, they always take my blood pressure (perfect!) and check out my pee.

They gave me a fancy-dancy pee cup at our first real-deal meeting and I drink my trough-water/pregnancy tea and fill the cup up while they're here. (Perfect! And always well-hydrated!)

But even with all this recurring perfection, I take a handful of vits each day.
Happy belly/probiotics: same as the above
VitC: pretty much, same as above, tho no more than twice a day for now
Cranberry: am and pm, maybe mid-day as well. Because a lab reported back that I have a high-concentration of the bacteria that cause GTIs. While preggo, I might not notice as an infection takes hold.
Iron: my blood draw clocked my iron on the low side of OK. And during pregnancy, because my body is making MORE blood, the iron/blood ratio is likely to go down. As well, my mother was a bleeder at her births, so we want me to be prepared and fully ironed-up = one a day
omega 3/fish oil: three a day. for her brain! and my shiny coat.
prenatal vits: the obvious, one a day. all this good stuff supplements this guy.

(The above photo is my nightly swallow. Which takes two swallows, actually.)

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