Sunday, May 10, 2009

For the moms of me and Ross

I wrote a leetle story. And posted some photos for the moms/soon to be grandmoms. So far:
--my mom "loved" it, said so four times in her email back to me
--Ross read the note, "it almost made me cry"
--my response: "If my intention had been to make YOU cry, you would have."

Care to see the photos:

Care to read the story:

Moms: here's a little story to read when you are looking at the photos we arranged for you two.

Ross Kennedy and Jen Loy met in the backyard of Mama Buzz Cafe four years ago. They fell in love. Soon, Jen sold her cafe, bought a mini house* and they moved in together. Ross and Jen lived a very fun and carefree life. They went camping together, explored the Bay Area, got dressed up for big events and even did things on their own, like play music or go out with the girls.

But last November, Jen looked at Ross and said: "Remember that thing we talked about maybe doing someday? Can we do it NOW?!?" Also, she said, "I love you!"

Ross, being a rather intelligent (and handsome!) red-blooded male but one who is smart enough not to get in between a woman in her 30s and her hormones, smiled and said "Huh? Um. OK." and "I love you, too!"

A few weeks later Jen had to buy a new bra. Ross and Jen paid a doctor a lot of money so a nurse could show them that yes, a tiny human girl was growing inside of Jen. Jen thinks she (the tiny one) looks just like Ross. Ross says all babies look like him (round cheeks, no hair).

Now Jen and Ross are getting ready to get ready for the (less and less) tiny human girl to make her appearance. They haven't given up on the dog, Spider, but they think there is room in their mini house for the tiny human girl.

Jen takes a handful of vitamins everyday. Ross bought a brand-new piece of foam for their mattress (Jen sneezes a lot). Jen is also staying in shape! She goes on hikes with her friends (who are also growing tiny humans).

But Jen and Ross haven't changed that much. They still have fun with each other and their friends. They went to Mexico for a friend's wedding. Jen liked dressing up and showing off her belly. Ross liked playing around on the beach. Jen drank mom-tails and wore her mother's fancy dress from the 1980s for the wedding. Ross thought the wedding was fun, and maybe a little silly, just like him. The wedding singers thought Ross and Jen were very cute and dedicated a song to them and their tiny human.

Back in California (they are not responsible from bringing the Swine Flu to the United States, Virginia!) Jen felt very pretty, with her tan belly and new bra (yes, she had to buy yet another bra, this one with under wire! which was very exciting for everyone involved.) Ross pretends not to like the color pink, but Jen thinks he'll get over it, because they are collecting some very cute clothes for their tiny human.

This month, Ross and Jen have to make room for a crib. But not today. Today is Mother's Day. And they are busy thinking about how cool it is that Jen is kindasorta already a mom, and how they hope that their moms are having a very, very, very good day.

Happy Mother's Day!
-- luv Jen and Ross.

* photos of house and yard and few fun pieces of Ross's work here:

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